As a Business and Consultant as well as an Executive Adviser, I’m passionate about helping Senior Leaders as well as business owners in the hospitality and event industry.Abla Doku

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Business owners and managers alike benefit from lessons on how to get businesses moving on to the path to being awesome.  I’m an expert in the art of building strategic relationships and partnerships that creates win/win situations and using out of the box resources to build successful businesses.

With many distractions and options as to how to run a business or do anything for that matter, it has become critical more than ever to lay hands on not just the right tools but on observed,  learned, and tested strategies that work and open doors for upward business mobility.  I share uncut actionable and tangible door busting strategies that works for my business that help propel businesses to new heights.


Here’s one of my favorites quotes and one I truly believe in.

“It’s not the lack of resources that cause failure, it’s the lack of resourcefulness that causes failure.” — Tony Robbins

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“Abla, you are very honest and to the point, which is exactly what I needed. You’ve definitely taken me outside of my comfort zone.  Thank you for being a “Knight and Shining armor” even on weekends and late nights when I am freaking out about a failed promotion.  Thanks also for the referrals.” Ruvi Mukimbu (Fit Active Toned)


“Nice meeting you at Association of Wedding Professionals event yesterday.  Your presentation was excellent.  You provided very useful information and tips.” —Deborah Harrison


“You did an amazing job on Tuesday!  You mentioned topics that peaked my interest and held my attention.  Also, tools that I have not heard of that might be helpful for my business.  You discussed topics that are great for any business owner.  I don’t have any negative feedback.”  —Nicole Finger