Learning how to exhibit is a crucial part of a company’s appeal. Whether it is a trade show, an exhibition or any other event, if you can exhibit properly, your company will sell.

There are various ways in which you can learn or improve your exhibit and I think everyone can agree, it mostly comes down to the staff.The Appearance: Your Company has a brand with its own unique identity and your exhibit models or representatives should represent that. So when people look at them, they can instantly identify your brand. Ask your staff to be mindful of their appearance and maintain proper hygiene. As every exhibitor will tell you, there are habits which are forbidden when standing at your booth. These habits include chewing gum, eating at the booth, sitting (this gives off a lazy message to the consumer), standing with folded arms or arms in the pocket, and of course, on the phone or texting. If there is a reason for your staff to use their phones, you should advise them to do it off the booth or during their breaks.

Brand Knowledge: You will find that if an exhibitor can carry out the points stated above perfectly, it will have absolutely no impact if he or she does not have brand knowledge. An exhibiting staff should understand the brand and also understand which market or consumer to target. Staff should have proper training to highlight key points that determine the needs of the potential consumer. Make sure you hire staff with outgoing personalities who can comfortably answer any common consumer questions.

Attendee Imprint: Every attendee at an event is a potential new client that you want to market your brand to as much as possible. Your staff should be very enthusiastic and oozing with energy. Maintaining eye contact and smiling also helps as the image of hospitality is implanted in their heads. You want event attendees to consciously and unconsciously remember your brand as being the more hospitable one. The details do matter when it comes to exhibiting as it holds a larger impact on a consumer than any other advertisement.

These are the best practices when it comes to exhibiting and exploring these practices will help you cement your brand into the marketplace and ensure a successful exhibition.

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Abla, is an events and marketing professional at THE A, an event planning and staffing firm based in McLean, VA. A firm believer in paying it forward, she’s also the founder of RED TiE DC, a series of event mixers that spotlight selected non-profits where all proceeds go to support chosen non-profits. These cause-focused networking events allow attendees to connect, build their business or profession, and support a great cause, all while having a great time making new ties. 

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