How Vendors Benefit From Attending Bridal Fairs

Bridal fairs put wedding vendors in direct contact with brides and grooms. Bridal fairs are also great places to meet other wedding vendors. It’s through other wedding vendors that you can learn booth decorating tricks, handouts that work best at bridal shows and ways to keep in touch with bridal fair attendees. In a nutshell, you’ll learn how to get the most out of the shows.

Wedding Vendor Bridal Shows Benefits

In addition to meeting other vendors, when you attend bridal shows as a wedding vendor you get the chance to engage in insightful discussions with ideal clients. Talk with five to six potential clients and you may discover new aspects of your products or services to spotlight. For example, if you’re a florist, you might learn that tulips are more popular than roses in certain areas.


The chance to collect contact information from ideal clients is another plus. Information to get from prospects includes brides and grooms’ names, wedding date and email address. Thanks to technology, you could save prospects’ information in your smart phone. If you choose this option, consider downloading the contact information into an offline database. This way you will have a backup of this important data. Another option is to save prospects’ contact information in an online email database like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. Finally, ask bridal fair organizer for a lead list.


Opportunities to distribute samples of your products to hundreds of brides and grooms are one of the biggest advantages gained from attending shows as a wedding vendor. For example, if you’re a chef or a cake designer, showcase your best work. Keep a sample product on display. Handout savory samples of your cuisines, cakes and desserts to people who visit your booth. Add your company name and website URL to the packaging that your store handouts or samples in.


Bridal Show Tips for Wedding Vendors

Many bridal shows charge a fee before you can set up a booth or vend. This is a main reason why it’s important to get optimum benefits from bridal shows. Whether this is your first time vending at bridal fairs or if you’ve already attended one or more bridal fairs as a wedding vendor, you could get a lift in your booth traffic by using the below tips.


  • Get creative. Decorate your booth for high traffic. Use colors and designs that make your booth stand out from ever other booth at bridal shows. Scents, music and tall booths are great booth attractors.
  • Determine which clients you can help. Ask brides and grooms when they plan to get married. This way, you will know if you’re schedule permits you to service the couple.
  • Stand up during bridal shows. Get out from behind your booth and speak with brides and grooms. Make a goal to speak with every couple that stops by or passes your booth.
  • Bring a co-host to bridal shows with you. This gives you the chance to meet other vendors and take bathroom breaks without leaving your booth empty. Depending on your wedding business, you may need to staff your bridal show booth with more than two people.
  • Choose prizes and giveaways that people love. Also, choose prizes and giveaways that will make it impossible for couples to forget you or your wedding business.
  • Connect with organizers of bridal fairs early. Take advantage or early wedding vendor booth prices. Make sure that you understand setup, breakdown and booth structure guidelines.
  • Follow up with prospects after bridal shows.


Take the above wedding vendor tips and you could see an increase in the numbers of brides and grooms who do business with you after bridal shows end. You may also strengthen brand awareness. Build a contact list and you can build a newsletter, social media and direct mail database that you can use to implement regular coupon, seasonal and new product announcements.